We are not a Stock Music Warehouse

Where we come from:

The Crystal Creative was fueled by a need to treat artists more ethically and give content creators a higher standard of music. We come from a community of artists, entrepreneurs, and like minded music lovers in Portland, OR. We’ve been involved in the Music Industry and working with Creatives for over 10 years.

What we provide:

  • Music Licensing & Supervision:
    • Our network of labels, publishers, licensing houses is our gold gem. Over the years we’ve built relationships, been seen as a tastemaker, and trusted for our sourcing on project. We curate music for TV, Film, & Advertising from our high-quality roster of bands, artists, & composers. We spend the time to make sure the music romances the imagery, because your project deserves it. Most of our catalog is Pre-Cleared catalog, ready to license within 24 hours using our transparent and painless process.
  • Custom Music & Sound Design:
    • We push all custom work to the people who do it best, the artists. Thus, we’ve built a diverse list of composers who are excited to team up with you to create a beautiful music for your piece. Whether its a score, customs spot, or crafting a sound design for your project, we’ve done it all and are ready to tackle your needs.
  • MGMT:
    • We take on artists that we believe are mixing shit up, breaking the rules, and creating their own path, because lets face it… nothing else is interesting. .

Where we’re going:

Art is about emotion and we have seen over the years the numbing effect that stock/made-to-sell music has had on advertising, film, and the music industry as a whole. We are intentionally partnering with musicians who are writing music for music’s sake (rather than making a product to sell) and connecting them with digital content creators who we feel are bringing risk, emotion, and innovation back into the landscape. We pay our Artists to a standard that we believe to be fair and ethical, not what the industry dictates artists should get paid. Our business model pays artists 50% more out of our pockets (compared to other licensing agencies) because we value musicians and music.