We are not a stock warehouse. We love indie artists and pride ourselves on encouraging them to continue making music that’s unique, emotional, and raw. We are proud to call them our artists, our friends, and our family.


Custom work is a very different ball game. A great composer needs to be educated in the intricacies of music theory as well as a vast understanding of instruments, gear, and software. Our composers have this knowledge, years of experience working with top clients, and more. We are excited to create something with you.

Sound Design

With sound design, it’s all about the subtleties, a nuanced necessity. Our sound design engineers are not only skilled in crafting a sound that will bring your spot to life, but are especially adept at translating clients’ desires into reality.


Here at The Crystal Creative, we only cultivate artists that we truly believe in, that give it their all, that bring something different to the musical table. We’re devoted to these artists, nurturing, developing, and caring for not only their careers, but also their artistry. And when it comes down to it, we’re helping shape these crystals into diamonds.