We are not a Stock Music Warehouse

Where we come from:

The Crystal Creative was fueled by a desire to treat artists more ethically and give content creators a higher standard of music. We come from a community of artists, entrepreneurs, and like-minded music lovers in Portland, OR. We’ve been involved in the Music Industry and working with Creatives for over 15 years.

What we provide:

  • Music Supervision:
    • Our network of labels, publishers, licensing houses is our gold gem. Over the years we’ve built relationships, been seen as a tastemaker and trusted for sourcing music on projects. From creative meetings, to searching playlists and the deep recesses of our meticulously tagged music library, as well as overseeing custom projects, spotting sessions, and clearing/dealing with administrative rights, we’ve done it all.
  • Custom Music & Sound Design:
    • We dont staff composers. We push all custom work to the people who do it best, the artists out there already doing their thing. Thus, we’ve built a diverse list of composers from all over the world who are excited to team up with you to create beautiful music for your piece. Whether its a score, custom spot, or crafting sound design for your project, our crews are ready to bring the heat.
  • Music Licensing:
    • We sign artists to our catalog that we feel like are doing something really interesting on their own. We then curate music for our Advertising & Trailer clients and spend the time to make sure the music romances the imagery, because your project deserves it.

Where we’re going:

Art is about emotion and we have seen over the years the numbing effect that stock/made-to-sell music has had on advertising, film, and the music industry as a whole. We are intentionally partnering with musicians who are writing music for music’s sake (rather than making a product to sell) and connecting them with content creators who we feel are bringing risk, emotion, and innovation back into the landscape.