We got to spend a couple of days in LA with Adam Halferty of American Tomahawk, talking about his life as an artist and learning about his recent struggles with life as a transplant in LA, battling homelessness, addiction, and following what is often a thankless career. While perhaps a majority of musicians living in LA have a hard time letting go of the grandiose dreams they’ve carried since childhood, Adam has an incredibly grounded grasp of the struggles he has faced and knows he’ll continue to see. In the midst of this understanding comes a sort of calm about his path and, in Adam’s case, this acceptance creates a kind of optimism that we have come to respect and really appreciate.
This video is the culmination of our days in LA. Adam holds no illusions about life as a musician and we hope that’s as clear to you as it was made to us. His approach is founded on the simple thought that those who want to find his music will do so while those more interested in image may gloss over it and that maybe that’s okay. It’s Adam’s uncompromising, unadulterated approach, something many in his industry seek but very few truly achieve, that we admire most about him. Above all we hope this wonderfully rare sincerity comes through. FullSizeRender   You can listen to American Tomahawk’s music below and for any licensing requests contact The Crystal Creative at: Info@TheCrystalCreative.com