Observing in a Springfield, Missouri studio, one would have difficulty defining just briefly what Jeremy Larson does. He collaborates with musicians, produces his own music as well as others’, creates full orchestral arrangements, and adds the missing pieces to myriad projects and in doing so completes them. His intuition not necessarily of the industry, but of the feelings and paths of those involved in music, is one of the many reasons that artists like Jon Foreman, MuteMath, and Eisley have come to entrust him with their work. Musicians feel that their creations are safe in the hands of Jeremy Larson. IMG_9669 In the time we spent with Jeremy we observed that he has mastered what it is he does. He has a detailed understanding of his own capabilities and how to approach the tasks set before him. We asked him his own thoughts on what he creates and what the state of the music industry means for him. The result of our time in Springfield is this video, in which Jeremy reflects on the freedom and advantages found in his current work.
His grasp of success and what it means for someone in the music industry to have a dream and achieve it, is a beautiful reminder that the processes involved in music, though met with trial and hardship, are ultimately in themselves the greatest rewards. He presents this thought as a fact and that is part of what we love about Jeremy; his disinterest in conventionality, his insight, his attention to the course that the musicians he works with take. Jeremy comprehends perhaps more than he is aware of and this video helps affirm that. He is both wise and practical beyond his years and we hope that this rare, exceptional coupling is made clear to you too. The 3rd Violent’s EP releases on February 10th and you can Pre-Order here!   You can listen to Jeremy Larson’s project Violents music below and for any licensing requests contact The Crystal Creative at: Info@TheCrystalCreative.com Photos by: Nathan Stracke