Fronted by Olga’s enchanting and wispy vocals, Kye Kye couples intricate lyrics with raw, electronic instrumentation. Kye Kye’s influences range from the organic likes of Sigur Rós, Deathcab for Cutie, and Coldplay, to the electric sounds of artists like M83. “Genre didn’t really mean a whole lot for us growing up; we never had some kind of loyalty to a specific type of music. Be it folk, R&B, or anything classically 80s or 90s, it was always about the connection and about listening for honesty in the music, and I think that most people can somehow feel it without really being able to explain how.” Olga explains, “When we write songs, that’s what we strive to do: create music that we connect to and that makes us feel things and brings out those emotions within us. That’s what’s important to us in music: a connection.”

Their music can be heard in commercials for Samsung Galaxy SIII, Jawbone JAMBOX, VSCO Android Release, Nordstrom, and SquareSpace as well as trailers like HBO’s “The Young Pope”