We finally are all moved into our new office after a long and exhausting remodel, we are excited to create some beautiful things, and make some dreams come true out of this space. If you are interested more in the process, here is a bit of a story about the space, the process, and how it came to completion. We started by looking for a space that we knew we could build out. That was super important for us to be able to have something that felt inspiring, creative, and that we could make our own. We wanted to build a studio space and an isolated theater/screening room in our unit, so something that would handle that capacity was important. After looking, we stumbled upon an awesome warehouse unit in the heart of Slabtown (Industrial NW Portland).

The Before Photos:

As you can tell. the space need mucho work.

The Progress Photos:

Below are some “in progress” photos of the space. Painting was the first thing we tackled to make it easier to look at haha. so we pretty much whitewashed the place and painted the ceilings a dark charcoal.  The middle unit of this space had no windows, so we inherently though to make it a screening room for our clients and a edit/mixing space when we are working on projects. So we painted all of the walls pitch black and put in a Bar, TV, 5.1 surround sound, and a edit/mixing station.   The entire unit had gross florescent lights throughout it, so we replaced those with various fixtures from local Portland lighting companies like Schoolhouse Electric.  The Floors were crazy. The entire space was covered in OSB plywood which felt cheap and creaked while walking on it, so we decided to see what was underneath it, and low and behold we find beautiful old Fir hardwood floor. After ripping up all of the old flooring, we realized there were some areas that were rotted and needed to be replaced. We replaced these pieced with reclaimed Fir, sanded down the whole floor, and stained it a nice medium oak color. The hallway had some Maple boards, so we just kept those boards and stained them (as it goes with the vibe of the old building).  Next was the Studio build out. This was by far the most intense process as we had to soundproof the entire room with brand new walls, special insulation, resilient channel to decouple vibrations, and build out a vocal booth inside the room. We put in a double paned exterior sliding glass door to help with sound coming in/going out of the studio, which helped a ton. We built a floating floor that is sitting on rubber u-boats to reduce any building vibration from entering into the space. We left the big beam in the room because it just looks so damn badass. We had to removed a wall in our front lobby, and really wanted to put something that was a fun accent piece to this entry room, so we built a Barn Door. The Barn Door was a fun addition to this space to separate our office space from the Screening Room and Studio. We wanted something that felt rustic so we had our contractor build this Barn Door from local reclaimed barn wood. We love how it turned out.

The After Photos:

After a long process, we are finally settled in and ready for this next journey of our business! And thankful for our friend Talyor Painter for these awesome photos!!!