Small towns usually put out small town vibes, but we feel the opposite about Xavier (the man behind SPZRKT – pronounced “Spazzy Rocket”). He draws inspiration from the big city, friends, and live shows and brings that back to his small town of Warner Robins, GA to produce an intimate yet large sound. His music encompasses the best feelings from genres like Pop to R&B to Soul. Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 7.14.35 PM We ventured out from his hometown and spent the day in Atlanta, GA with his friend (and wonderful musician) Elhae. We got to see the big dreamer inside SPZRKT. After talks of struggles, dreams, SPZRKT’s attitude is nothing but positive toward his career. Connecting to his fans is number one. Making sure his lyrics connect to not only what he’s been through, but to the blanket struggles we as humans experience is critical and important to his music. We hope this video gives you a little bit of insight into SPZRKT’s passion to connect at a deep human level.
Below is a sampler of SPZRKT’s latest album Bonfire:
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