We spent a few days in San Diego with composer TJ Hill chatting about career, life, marriage, and music. His outlook on what he does is refreshing and challenges a lot of the industry’s influential voices. Music, to him, has the power to actually change someone. Creating something that has that kind of power, even for one instance, is what motivates him. 7B99134F-5E21-49FB-AC74-55D1820FF791 Spending time with him made clear that his conscience governs his way and his decisions are based on something bigger than logic. His life is very structured, but by a rich, unstructured inner-self, and filming him separately with his music and planes confirmed the code he lives by. We hope this video of our time in San Diego gives a good introduction to TJ’s ideal-driven work and creativity, and that especially his sincerity comes through.
Below is a sampler of his music from 3 of his releases. His newest EP “The Fibannoice Sequence Volume 1 Again” releases 3/24.
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